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Presentation Less than one hour by plane from the main island of Tahiti, Rangiroa atoll is the largest of its kind in the South Pacific and one of the largest atolls in the world. It consists of a flat ring of coral about a quater-mile wide that encircles a teeming turquoise lagoon that is 50 miless long by 16 miles wide.In the northern portion there are two villages, Avatoru and Tiputa,which are spread out over 8 miles of the coral ring.They are separated by two large “passes” or openings between the ocean and the lagoon.

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Let's go diving! - Photo: Thomas Reich
The big truk - Photo: Thomas Reich
Diving From his diving center based at the pass of Tiputa, the Raie Manta Club, every day of the year, offers to take you in small groups:
  • Around 8h00 am: exploration dive
  • Around 10h00 am: first dive & school dive (CMAS, FFESSM, ANMP, PADI), review dive.
  • Second explo dive start around 1h30 pm and sunset dive around 5h00 pm
  • To speed up travel to and from the dive centers, the Club provides free transportation to the various pensions, and charges only for those pensions that are the furthest away or that are accessible only by boat.
  • At the dive centers, all our instructors are bilingual and hold French National dive certificates.They will guide you through setting up the equipment, and will accompany you on the underwater safaris to help you discover the exceptional richness of the island's sea life.
  • Everyday, you will be diving in small groups, whether you are a beginner or an expert, along the reefs, inside the lagoon, or in the exciting drift dives through the pass.
  • We also offer more personalized, private safaris for photographers, amateur or professional,as well as for filmmakers.
The Diving Sites
Avatoru pass:
  1. Avatoru reef
  2. The little pass
  3. The aquarium
  4. Mahuta
Tiputa pass:
  1. The windmill
  2. The corner
  3. Sharks cave
  4. The big blue
  5. Hammerhead mesa
  6. The canyons
  7. Motu Nuhi Nuhi
Map of the 2 passes of Rangiroa
Wildlife We guarantee you' ll encounter an unforgettable array of fauna: manta raies all year long, most
  • Numerous from july to november, from november to march: the great hammerhead shark "Tamataroa"
  • Chasing huge schools of eagle raies.
  • The big Tursiops dolphins present all year long and friendly come regularly during dives.
  • Sharks, seven different species or more can be seen so curious year-round outside of the atoll as well as in the passes and inside the lagoon.
  • Not to mention Napoleon fishes, turtles, barracudas, tunas, and an amazing variety of smaller creatures
Great hammerhead shark - Photo: Yves Lefevre
All year long, you can also observe a magnificentdisplay of sharks:
  • Grey sharks(Carcharhinus amblyrhyncos).
  • Silvertip shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus).
  • Blacktip shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus).
  • Lemon shark (Negaprion acutidens).
  • Great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran), more common from December to March.
  • More rare, Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier)can also be seen.
  • Silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis).
  • Whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus).
  • Blackfin shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)
  • Nurse shark (Nebrius concolor)
Weather In Rangiroa, there is no seasons that are better than others. Wildlife is always present. Certain species are more common during certain periods of the year, but all year round, each dive will completely satisfy you. Diving Programs
  • Exploration.
  • Initiation dive, first dive.
  • Kid' s dive (minimum 8 year old).
  • Dive school offering international certificates (minimum 12 year old).
  • Groups.
  • Private boats.
  • “Pro” photo and film programs (Offshore sharks, tiger sharks, big hammerhead shark, etc)
  • Theme cruises.
  • Snorkeling.
Dancing turtles - Photo: Yves Lefevre
Equipment We offer you the complete Scubapro equipment list: (shorty 3mm, Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs), second stage, fins, masks, snorkels, weight belts).Nevertheless, we recommend that experienced divers bring their own equipment.(5kg overweight luggage facility on presentation of your diving card at Air Tahiti registration desk - local flight)We do not provide electronic consoles or depth metersOur pressure station is equipped with a Bauer compressor (brand new 2015)Since 2016, we use a new Mark V Zodiac with Yamaha 60 CV outboard.
Visitors to Rangiroa can choose from a wide array of pensions or hotels, which you can contact by telephone, fax, and in some cases emails (this is not a complete listing):
Ariitini Village
Tel 40 960 441 Fax 40 960 440
Chez Cécile Tel 40 931 265Fax 40 931 266
Chez Lucien Tel 40 967
Chez Nanua Tel 40 968 388
Chez Sophie 2 guest rooms Fare "Iruvaï"
Chez Sophie 3 Cabins Catamaran "Temptation"
Le Merou bleu Tel 40 968.462
Les Relais de Joséphine Tel 40 960.200
Hotel Maitai Rangiroa Tel 40 931 350
Pension Bounty Tel 40 960.522
Pension Glorine Tel 40 960.405
Pension Henri Tel 40 968 267
Pension Henriette Tel 40 968 468
Pension Herenui Tel 40 968 471
Pension Loyna Tel/Fax 40 968 209
Pension Martine Tel/Fax 40 960 251
Pension Tapuheitini Tel 40 960.407
Pension Teina Tel 40 960 394 Fax 40 968 444
Pension Victorine
Rangiroa Plage. Rangiroa Plage
Turiroa Village Tel 40 960 427
Te Vahine Dream Tel 40 931 275
Atterissage à Rangi
La 'route' de Rangi
Plage du Rangiroa